About Us

Studio Mahatta offers all services for your film production. If you need a fixer or a full-scale production, nothing is too small or too big.

We assist in all areas of media production from fashion shoots to commercials and feature films, as well as corporate films.

Audio Feature

Studio Mahatta has a full audio production recording studio. At Studio Mahatta, we aim to provide a practical approach to a vast range of acoustic issues, resolving them by either 'prevention or cure'. Our values are realized in the high quality service we provide, delivered by well informed and thoroughly professional teams. We strive to provide a one-stop-window to our clients' diverse audio recording and acoustic needs. Whether you are a company or a private individual, our team is always there to advise, guide and serve you. Building long-term relationships with our clients is our priority. Our aim is to create high quality digital recordings in resonance with all styles of music and at any level of development. We also conduct voice-over recordings and can recommend voice-over artists in a variety of languages to our clients if needed.



Studio Mahatta develops and produces high-quality films for companies as well as for national and international broadcasters. We develop and produce documentary and short films for a variety of formats, always within an economically sound framework. Our team offers decades of experience making groundbreaking and highly acclaimed films for large public audiences and multi-national corporations as well as small local brands.


3D DesigningFeature

Bring us your design or work with one of our many in-house designers to conceptualize your idea. We design every project for the interactions, experiences, processes and strategies the product is to encounter in its journey. We start off in 2D and work our way into 3D detailing your visualization before production. With 3D modelling, we can do anything from testing complex mechanisms to rendering beautiful photo-realistic renderings.